Drawing no more: 6 tips to prevent cancellation of your squad goals.

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We all aspire to travel with the whole squad. Sometimes, experiences are best when its being shared with the closest people in your life. But as we go on planning your travel goals, it seems like there are a lot of reasons that hinders us to push through your dream vacation to create the awesome #squadgoals.

We made a list of some ideas that you may consider taking a look before or while planning your trip.

*Friends’ schedule.

When planning for your trip you guys need to consider each and everyone’s availabilty. That’s the main key and with that, it will avoid the tendency of cancelling. You can consider long weekends and holidays, as well. It will be a big help on adjusting the schedule of your trip.

*Personal schedule.

And you! Make sure to clear out your schedules ahead of your trip before committing. If you also know that you can adjust your schedule, it will be a big help, as only few of your friends will be needing to check their schedules. Once ready, make sure to finish all your tasks to enjoy your vacation.

*Budget allotment.

Put up a margin of how much budget that you’ll be needing for the whole trip and do not forget to ask everyone’s margin to avoid revisions and conflicts which usually leads to rescheduling or worse, cancellation.

*Travel Location.

Some people prefer beach instead of swimming pool or vice versa. Mountain climbing might not be suitable for your friends who have asthma or sprains. Choose a place or trip that all of your friends will be excited about. Create a group chat to communicate with everyone, if they can’t attend your personal meetings.

*Invest on your travel needs.

In case you have an extra money, even if there’s no trip yet, you can still buy your needs like a pair of slippers, shorts, hat or any swimming attires. So by the time that a trip will pursue, you already have your things and you can allocate your other budget on pocket money, accomodation and airfare.

*Be a responsible and fun travel buddy.

In each set of friends, there’s someone who is very hassle to go with. Friend who is always late, who forgot important things and will borrow one from you and many others alike. Grow up and be responsible. You are all set to enjoy and not to irritate each other. The word PREPARE should be on your note next time.

Hope we can help you with these tips. Remember, justice delayed is justice denied. HAHAHA. It’s now or never.

Make sure to always have a safe and fun trip together. Be a good sport and give your squad an unforgettable vacation.

Til’ our next blog!


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