Is it based on how long you’ve known each other? Is it about how much you’ve been through? Or about how many common interests you share.

We are the millennial generation. We travel often, we go to left and right parties and all other forms of meeting new people. I am very sure that you’ve got friends that you outgrew from childhood and you have friends you met at school, at work, at the bar or on your social media apps. Wherever you met them, I knew its their company you’ve enjoyed.

Our crew. We have known each other for almost three years. Not too long, but if you’d ask us, we would proudly say that its not about how long we have known each other, its all about how many times we have been for each other whenever they need our love and support.

Our squad decided to take a trip at Manuel Uy Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. Its a nice and quiet beach, as they are just starting to develop the resort. No rooms yet available to accomodate but you can have your 1 billion-star stay with the use of your tent, Lol. No electricity, just some few lights that they installed around the beach. No menus! So you cook your own food. Hahahaha.

This is the first trip that we did not try any of the activities that the resort offers. We really want to make sure that we get to have a real and genuine bonding. To talk, laugh and snuggle each other endlessly, watch stars and eats fresh sea foods are the things that we really prioritized for this trip.

Just pure R.E.L.A.X.A.T.I.O.N.

The feeling of the sand gently scrubs your feet is really priceless. The feeling salty, the strong wind that pushes your body, the prescence of the boat on your eyes are the addiction that we just cannot stop.

“L’amitié est une des choses les plus importantes du monde, surtout aujourd’hui.”

“Frienship is one of the most important things in the world, especially today.”

Tell us about your dream squad goals. Cheers!


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