Disconnecting yourself from the online world

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Ever imagined living a day without checking social media accounts? I’m sure the thought of not having them will give you a feeling of OMG and a SHOOKT state of mind.


Our very own Louise Alpuerto took the challenge to disconnect herself to the online world.

Louise Alpuerto Disconnecting…

She spent New year with her whole family at Taramindu Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. I strongly suggested that in order for her to enjoy her 3-day vacation is to keep herself away from her social media accounts and she did!

Louise turned her back to the online world and experienced an unforgettable new year’s eve. She witnessed the sunrise, enjoyed running on the beach, ate food she and her family craved for, and reflected on the things that she must treasure under the stars.


It’s as enjoyable as she imagined it to be. And of course, she welcomed the new year with her whole family by the beach while watching fireworks.


We strongly believe that the universe has really so much to offer. While we are still young and able to walk, run, swim and climb, let us appreciate all the things that are available to us. You just have to go out, keep your phone away, enjoy the sun and celebrate life.


Louise: It was absolutely fun! It’s like bringing yourself back to the old times where your life was just simple. You get to interact with other people, spend more time with your family, and have the amazing ‘me time’. Mllnnls should try it also once in a while.

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We all know how online world changed our lives but let’s always remember that we are still the captain of our own respective ships. Do not let anything take it away from you. Live with the present. Equal time for work, family, social life, social media and enough sleep to keep your fuel tank full!


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