Time is the most unfair element on earth. Its longer when you’re waiting yet shorter when you’re having fun.

We, Louise and Junnel, are doing this life reflection post to check our accomplishments this year, to keep our plans on track, and all the things that we wanna do for our blog.

As month-old bloggers, we are very happy on the positive feedbacks from our readers which inspire us to continue and do more for the upcoming year.

We both learned so much things about blogging. We practiced the art of time management with regards on going to places so we can have something to post on time, while having our day job.

Oh btw, We already booked our tickets going somewhere. Watch out!

Note to mllnnls,

Set your goal but never rush. Take all the time you have and savor all the moment while achieving your goal. Achieve them with a perfect mixture of passion while playing.

Let us know what your goals are.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetPhotos taken @Kodanda_Archery

This year was so lit!

Sending ya’ll some good vibes!



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