Hundred islands: The beauty that never fades.

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Fellow millennials usually tend to aim and search for newly discovered spots in the Philippines, inadvertantly skipping locations considered too mainstream for their taste. In contrary to this, our squad decided to visit one of the most spectacular places in the western side of Luzon. Staying in Hundred Islands for a day and a night will make you realize that its alluring beauty never fades.

124 islands and islets (one disappearing during low tide) are scattered in Lingayen Gulf operated and maintained by the City Government of Alaminos. It’s the most attractive and breathtaking tourist spot that serves as one of the city’s pride.

Every island is picture-worthy, which will make your ig feed cooler in an instant! Not to mention breathtaking, or did I just stated it earlier? Island hopping, cliff diving, banana boat riding down to its fresh seafoods should be included to your must-try list while staying in this paradise!

You may now take a selfie with the 56-foot statue of Jesus Christ the savior stands, climbing 263 steps all the way from the beach.

Aside from its world class islands, the locals who assisted us during our stay are very accomodating and hospitable. Amid having a different dialect in this province, you are assured that you will feel the warmth and kindness innate to the people of Pangasinan.

After this trip I’m sure that our reasons to come back and stay in this paradise is greater than its magnificent islands.

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